Friday 18 May 2018
The Rights of Nature

The Rights of Nature

Friday, May 18th at 6:30pm in Crestone
to explore the recognition, stewardship and preservation of the Rights of Nature here in the San Luis Valley
from harmful influences such as oil and gas drilling. This is an exploratory meeting which will feature
Grant Wilson, Directing Attorney for the Earth Law Center in Boulder describing this field of developing
environmental law. The Earth Law Center in Boulder is currently working both in the United States and
Worldwide. One of their current projects involves protection of the Amazon Rain Forest. Another speaker
will be Myra Jackson, who spoke at the United Nations this past Monday about Harmony with Nature. She
is currently lecturing on the same subject at the University of Sorrento in Italy.

The event will take place at the Colorado College Baca Campus, Conference Center in Crestone. Prior to
the event there will be a Himalayan Feast, beginning at 5:00pm at the Desert Sage Restaurant, located next
to the event site. Please rsvp for the Himalayan Feast so we can provide a head count.

This is a unique opportunity for the entire Valley to collaborate in a journey to look at the possibility of protecting
our incredible natural resources and wildlife now and into the future. Were we to speak with one Valley-wide voice, I
can only believe that that single voice would be heard.

We hope key stakeholder groups across the Valley will attend, and urge that you share this flyer through social media
and all your networks.

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